Lab Information Management System (LIMS) ERP is a complete Web based solution for your laboratory. Modern technologies which help you to organise your lab and keep the quality of services up to the mark. Completely integrated with your lab equipment. By using Lab Information Management System (LIMS), you can manage the workflow from sample registration to report printing.

Features of Lab Management System

Web Base lab software easy to install and configure.

Lab software is integrated with Inventory, H.R and Finance module.

Sample Management.

Online Result Entry & Approval.

Email & SMS alert for patient / customers.

Patient reporting portal.

Unlimited Branches/Statlabs

User activity log & record audit trail.

Integration with Lab equipment with barcode.

Help to implement ISO standards.

Workload management system.

Customer support module for complain registration.

Department / Sub department wise worksheets.

Internal messaging system for users and collection centers.

Lab Software Flow